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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


The phrase "hit the fish" has become iconic at casino tables because it means an experienced player can beat less experienced opponents. But a fish table game is about the most literal sense of the word - hitting real fish, or rather shooting a giant cannon while channeling your skills and aiming for bigger wins. Real money online fish table slots are the closest thing to skill based play in today's online casinos. The experience is fun, it can be very rewarding, and it's getting more and more popular by the day. Naval games are designed to be addictive, allowing you to blast or spear objects underwater while claiming a big bounty in the process.

Today we are going to look at what these games are and how you can play fish table games online at your leisure. Let's get to that in a moment.

What are online fish table games?

Fish games are actually very easy to understand and you may have seen them in person or online. It is basically a product similar to "skill-based" gaming. In it, you will experience an Under the Seas theme in which you have to shoot down various sea creatures with an outsized cannon. The wilder you shoot, the greater your rewards.

How to play fish board games?

When it comes to the actual gameplay, everything from game search to actual installation is fairly straightforward and intuitive. The games have no pay lines or mechanical reels that restrict play or make you a passive spectator. You are involved from start to finish and play and stop whenever you want. Here's how to get started.

Choose a Casino

First you need to choose a casino that offers real money online fish table games.

Place your Bet

You will be asked to choose a bet size based on one of the fish. The interface is self-explanatory and you will have no trouble finding your way around.

Aim for the Big Ones

The goal is to eventually get one of the big fish, which brings much better rewards. Levels often feature various bonuses that trigger as part of the game, allowing you to compromise between aiming straight for the fish or trying to get a head start first.

Better Aim, Richer the Catch

Shooting multiple projectiles at a fish gives you a "better" chance of catching it, but real money fishing games have a skill element where you can try to aim better and spend less to win the prize. The better your catch, the better the reward!

If you'd rather just jump into the game at an interactive casino and play fish games online instead, be sure to check out our website. You can enjoy real fish game right from your home, or even better - on the go if you have a minute. Just click here.

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