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When the Socceroo's take on South Korea at Stadium Australia in Sydney on Saturday in this weekend's Asian Cup final, keep an eye out for some deft footwork and ball handling skills.

The championship, which is being played for the first time on Australian soil, has already displayed some incredible skills in what many consider to be the "true" football game.

In showed a combination of athleticism, timing, and power to first position himself in the ideal position, then elevate himself using drive from the kick leg, then scissor the legs vigorously to develop power, and finally time the kick so that the foot struck the ball at precisely the right moment to propel it towards the goal.

The volley element of the skill, in which Cahill did not have ball control prior to the strike, was similar to his outstanding goal against the Netherlands at the World Cup in Brazil.

The Kick's Dexterity.

In this tournament, players have used a variety of kicks to develop power, add spin to the ball, or create deception, all while utilizing various parts of the foot and foot motion. Why do these kicks stand out in comparison to others that we might see in club games or in young players?

Technique is a Key Factor.

The instep kick, also known as kicking "off the laces," is used to build power because it allows for complete knee extension and strikes the ball with the strongest part of the foot.

Greater foot speed and good ball contact have been identified as the two most crucial technical aspects of this kick, which has been the subject of extensive research in the literature.

Free Kicks

See if you can spot the knuckleball or Butterfly kick being used during any free kicks near the box.

In order to prevent the ball from acquiring any spin, this kick involves striking the ball through its center of mass, which is located on the inside of the foot close to the top of the boot.

Taking a Penalty

Naturally, the penalty kick is one of the most significant kicks in tournament football. The ability to convert penalty kicks will determine whether a team wins or loses in this year's Asian Cup quarterfinal matches between Iran and Iraq and Japan and the UAE.

Strong kicks, sneaky chips, and strategically placed corner strikes are all examples of kicks that are used.

Therefore, as the championship game approaches this weekend, be on the lookout for strong kicks, knuckleballs, and penalty kicking techniques.

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