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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


If you want to try the Asian casino experience, enjoy the games people in the Far East love, and try out one of the best live casino platforms, then BBIN online casinos is the place to look.

We bet most non-Asian players had no idea that BBIN is one of the leading software providers in Asia, controlling most of the market in China but also having a presence in other countries like Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia.

What if we told you that they offer sports betting, casino games, live dealer games, gambling and more? And that their games are played by millions every day? Now that we have your attention, you should sit down and spend a few minutes of your time learning about the crouching tiger of the iGaming industry.


The games portfolio made by BBIN is quite large and includes numerous slot games, scratch cards and other products. However, the most recognizable BBIN products have to be their Asian board games, including Sic Bo, Fantan, Wenzhou 9 Card, and Baccarat, some of which are really hard to find from other developers. These games are loved by Asian players who have the rare opportunity to play them only at BBIN online casinos.

Additionally, BBIN online casinos also offer a full live casino platform, allowing players to enjoy playing some of Asia's favorite casino games with live dealers broadcast via a live webcam stream.

What do we expect from BBIN in the future?

We could say that BBIN is one of the top dogs in the iGaming industry in Asia with over 400 happy customers. Yet they are not ready to stop

The next phase of their development is expected to be expansion to other markets and other continents simply because gamers from the United States and Europe are expected to know more about this remarkable software development company.

Although BBIN has an extensive offer, we are sure that they will add more games, more features and more services to their catalog in the future. Currently, non-Asian players cannot play their games for real money. We assume this will change in the near future.

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