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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Every apprentice wants to be a great cricketer. Here are some exercise tips and tricks you should know as a beginner. The 3 most important things in cricket are the bowling, the batting and the pitch. If you want to be a great batter, here are some very useful tips for you:

1. Standing sideways

Always face the thrower with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your body with your hips and keep your back straight. When you have the bat ready, keep your non-dominant shoulder over the bowler and keep your eye on the ball. Your shoulders should not be slouched and should always be at eye level. If you are right-handed, stand to the right of the stump and if you are left-handed, stand to the right of the stump.

2. Hold the bat

Always hold your racquet tight and tight. If you are right handed, your left hand should hold the bowler end of the bat and your right hand should be placed on top of your left hand and hold the bat with 2 fingers and your thumb. The thumb and index finger should be in a good position and squeeze harder. The reverse is true for left-handed batsmen. Make sure your hands are close together and the racquet racket is comfortable in your hand.

3. Distance between bat and stump

Draw a line from the center wicket to your court. This will help you be sure where your wicket is when you strike. Draw the line with the end of your bat, making sure the line is parallel to the center wicket. This line is called the guard line. If you practice indoors, use duct tape to draw the guard lines.

4. Touch the bat to the ground line

Tapping the wait line indicates to the player that you are ready to bat. Don't hit the ground too hard. Straighten the club as much as possible to maintain the shape of your body.

5. Swing back

When the ball is coming your way and you need to hit it, always keep your front leg forward and swing your racquet backwards to gain speed. When you lift your racquet, it should point straight up in the air and reach your back shoulder. If the ball is low, keep hitting and if it's high, hit the board. Note that when you lift your racquet to hit the ball, your forearm should be in line with your shoulders.

6. Eyes on the ball

Always keep an eye on the ball. If you follow until the ball is thrown, you can determine the position you need to take to hit the ball. Think about which shot will hit once the ball hits you. If the ball is thrown to a nice spot, you can drive to take a long shot, but if the ball is too high or too low, take a defensive shot. This is one of the most important cricket batting techniques for newcomers to remember and follow.

7. Lower the bat

After the ball has bounced, push the club down to strike. Put your main leg forward and place your elbow facing the bowler hat. Continue with the club to hit the ball as much as possible. This cricket hitting technique is the most common and is called straight drive.

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