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“Best Captain” of IPL 2022: Hardik Pandya

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Best Captain of IPL 2022: Hardik Pandya BY 11IC BLOG

Newbies Gujarat Titans is the first team to pass for the IPL 2022 tournament, thanks to stunning achievement in the league stage. The Titans, led by their charismatic captain Hardik Pandya, humiliated the debuting Lucknow Super Giants by 62 runs in their last game and secured a showdown port in style. With having a 9 wins and 18 points in the bucket, Titans sit comfortably at the top of the points table going into IPL 2022 and also look like the favorites to finish in the top.

Titans were a team to beat at the 15th IPL and Hardik Pandya is the best captain on that tournament so far, proving the cricket buff wrong with his game.

With no prior guidance, Hardik proved his naysayers wrong with his captaincy skills and smart outcome.

The way Hardik construct his troops is just amazing and as a result the team sees a new winner in every game. The judgement to hand a debut cap to an unoccupied R Sai Kishore at the end of the tournament also shows the team authority and captain's confidence in the strength of their bench.

Hardik has impressed with his clever captaining discipline. Experts consider the additional responsibility of running the franchise is to bring out the best in the Indian star.

Hardik Himanshu Pandya was born on October 11, 199. He is an International Indian cricketer who play for Baroda in domestic cricket and captains the Gujarat Titans in the Indian Premier League. He is an all-rounder who hits with his right hand and throws fast and medium with his right arm.

Hardik has returned to the cricket pitch after getting better from injury but still, shows no signs of tiring or fear. The all-rounder from Baroda has hit 344 runs in 11 games with an impressive batting average of 131.80. Hardik spent three and a half centuries in the most exciting IPL season ever, leading by example in all three departments.

Top players of Gujarat take on defending champions Chennai Super Kings at Wankhede Stadium next Sunday.

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