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Updated: Mar 15


The game of roulette is exciting. As a beginner, there is a lot to learn and just as much to lose if you are not properly prepared. To make it easier for you, we've put together a handy little list of the top roulette tips for beginners.

1. Start with an Empty Table

Before starting with both feet, it's a good idea to spend some time spinning the wheel at an empty table. Not only does it give you an idea of ​​the mechanics of the game, but it also helps you understand roulette better. Once you feel like you can play at a cash table, take this step, but only after learning free spins.

2. Play European Roulette

A European roulette wheel has a zero on it. American roulette contains both a zero and a double zero. For you, this means that the two green dots in American roulette increase the casino's profit margin and decrease your chances of winning.

3. Avoid Overcrowded Tables

Basically, a roulette table with many players will have fewer spins over time than a table with fewer players. This is because it takes time to go through all the winnings after each spin. You may need to keep an eye on the time of day as this will affect the occupancy of the tables at any given time.

4. Spin the Wheel a Few Times

Before placing your first bet, you should participate in a few spins at your table. What this will do for you is reveal if the wheel has any kind of bias. This means you will want to see if odder or even numbers win. Believe it or not, some roulette wheels tend to favor odd or even numbers. Knowing these cycling secrets will give you a slight advantage.

5. Know Your Betting Categories

As a beginner, your betting style should initially be built around a selection of outside bets. These include bets on color, high or low numbers, and even or odd numbers. Although these bets offer a lower rate of return than some of the more exotic bets, they help you develop skills that can improve your chances of winning as well as your confidence in your bets.

6. Keep Track of Previous Rounds

When you can track results over time, you can use your data as a guideline for future bets. An example of this is that if in the last 20 spins the majority of black numbers won, or even a streak of black numbers won, you can be sure that betting on black will give you a better chance of winning.

7. Place Your Bets Carefully

In addition to paying attention to the type of bet you place, pay attention to where you place the chips for your bet. It is important to ensure that your chips are fully within the limit of the number you are betting on. If a chip hits the limit, it may be considered a split bet, which may have a negative outcome for that bet.

8. Finish Early

You've heard this advice time and time again when it comes to any form of gambling. Roulette is another casino game that can get you excited right away. Remember, the longer you play, the better your chances of losing the ground you've gained so far. So, if you have a few dollars or more, stop early so you can eventually come back and play again.


There are no roulette strategies for beginners that can turn a game with negative expectations like this into a game with positive expectations. In fact, there aren't even veteran roulette strategies that can do this.

The best way to "win" at roulette is to accept that it's a losing proposition in the long run and play accordingly. There's nothing wrong with playing a game with negative expectations, as long as you approach it with your eyes open.

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