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These wagers aren't necessarily challenging to make; they're just not typically where someone would begin when placing their very first sports wager. The following wagers require a little more know-how, investigation, perseverance, and perhaps even luck to succeed.

Bets on Totals and Over/Under

Totals, also known as over/under bets, are wagers on the final combined point total of both teams. In order to avoid ties, either a whole number, like 45, or a number with a half point, like 45 1/2, would be displayed. Weather and injuries during practice can have a significant impact on the over/under line. If that over/under is ever reached depends on in-game factors like on-field accidents and the final score of the game. For instance, if one team dominates by a significant margin, the other teams may begin to bench starters or the team in control may decide to sit back and not push for many goals.

To place an over/under wager, you would simply choose whether you believe the final score will be over or under the stated point total. Since the two teams' points are simply combined at the game's conclusion, determining the winner is fairly straightforward. In a typical over/under wager, you place the larger amount in order to win the smaller amount (11-10 or 110-100).

Betting Parlays

While entertaining, parlays can be challenging to succeed in. The term "parlay" refers to a wager that combines several smaller wagers into one. You must win each wager in a parlay for it to be successful. Additionally, the more wagers you placed as part of the parlay, the more money you stand to win if they are all successful. However, a single setback in the parlay is all it takes for the wager to lose money. What would be typical payouts for parlay wagers are shown in the table below:

You list all of the games or wagers you place in the "number of teams" column. The word "teams" can refer to wagers on specific teams, over/under totals, or other wagers. The payouts start to improve because parlays of four or more are very challenging to win.

Teaser Bets

On games with point spreads and over/under totals, teasers are another intriguing but more complex wager that can be made. The listed spread or over/under can be changed with a teaser for a smaller payout. According to how many points you might change an NFL football game, the payouts are shown in the chart below:

In order to win $150, you would need to wager $100 on a three-team teaser, which would change the odds on three NFL games for the team of your choice in each game by 7 points. Green Bay Packers -13, for instance, could be changed to Green Bay -6 as one of the wagers in the parlay.


It can be a lot of fun to wager on these more complicated wagers while watching some games. One of the most thrilling (and stressful) experiences you could ever have is watching the final game of a seven-team parlay while also participating in the first six games and being aware that a significant payout depends solely on this one game. On a $100 wager, winning it will net you $8500; losing will result in the loss of the entire wager.

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