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A common question among players looking to gain an edge in the casino is whether craps control can work. It is believed that it is possible to influence the outcome of the dice roll through controlled shooting, and that this can allow a player to gain an advantage in certain games.

Dice control can, at least in theory, used in different ways. For example, one of the statements is that it is possible to reduce the probability of rolling a seven. This can be very useful at the craps table where a seven is often a losing number for players.

In terms of probability, a shooter should shoot every six shots seven times on average. If a shooter is able to control the dice to such an extent that a seven is rolled less often, he or she may be able to make consistent wins.

However, there is much debate as to whether craps is controlled should really work. In this article, we'll look at the arguments for and against to see if it can actually work.

The Argument For

The argument for the dice control is anything but conclusive and based largely on what humans claim to have achieved.

Some casino players claim to have found success by controlling craps at the tables, which of course doesn't mean much in itself. However, there is some evidence to support these claims and there have also been some well-respected gambling authors who have written positively on the subject. At first glance, this seems to lend some credence to the fact that dice control can work.

The Counterarguments

There are two main reasons against dice control. The first is essentially a belief by many that the whole idea is based on a false premise and that it is not possible to influence the outcome of a dice roll.

Certainly, it has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that such manipulation is possible, but neither has it been proven that such manipulation is not possible.

The second argument against dice control accepts that the craps game Control is possible, but not to the extent that it can give a casino player an advantage. This makes sense, especially given the rules most casinos set for craps games. In craps, for example, a shooter usually has to roll the dice so that they bounce off the back wall of the table. Simple physics suggest that it will be very difficult to control the outcome of the dice under such circumstances, no matter how skillful the shooter is.


Our conclusion isn't particularly definitive as we can't say for sure if the dice control works or not. There's certainly some evidence that this is possible, but not enough to make us believe for sure. We believe it is possible to influence the outcome of the dice roll to some extent and under the right circumstances, but whether we believe it is actually possible to gain an advantage in a casino is debatable.

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