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The traditional circus color palette of gold and red has not been updated here; This large tent is a perfect fit for anyone you visited as a kid.

Vivid graphics and icons

However, the presenter doesn't seem to be busy. You will see, among other things, a clown who is not scary and a polite monkey.

It would have been nice to see a seal perform, because who doesn't love a happily clapping sea mammal? And a lion might have added some danger, although with high volatility there might be enough of that on the reels.

How to play Circus Delight

1. The small menu icon at the bottom right shows tabs for toggling the sound, paytable, rules and history.

2.You will see a box with three sizes. The first is your balance. Click the second to change your betting options. If you adjust the bet size and bet level on all 25 lines, your bet amount will be displayed on the right hand side in yellow. You can also click Max Bet in this option. The third amount is the amount you have earned so far.

3. To play in Turbo mode, click Turbo at the bottom. To play Autoplay, click on Auto and select the number of spins. The + and - tabs on either side of the main spin button adjust your bet amount.

4. To start the game manually, click the main spin button in the middle of the bottom panel.

Bet Sizes and Paytable Winnings

Circus Delight has a minimum bet of 0.1 and a maximum bet of 10.00. Here are the top prizes for each symbol:

Clown (Wild) - 2500x

Ringmaster - 750x

Monkey - 750x

Drums - 400x

Skittles - 250x

Clown Shoes - 250x

Ace and King - 150x

Queen, Jack , 10, 9 - 100x

Our Verdict

Everyone loves a multiplier feature. Of course, in a high volatility slot any big win can be wiped out by a long losing streak, so keep an eye on your bankroll as you play and find out how long you have to keep playing after a big win and still stay ahead.

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