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Cricket Helmet: Best Brands You Should Check Out

Cricket is a game cherished by people worldwide. Players spend a significant part of their lives representing their countries. This sport has a massive fan base, allure, and popularity, making it both rewarding and demanding. To excel in this game, players and the game itself require high-quality accessories. Especially sports equipment for safety and performance.

cricket helmet review

The Journey of Cricket Helmets

In the early days of cricket, players took to the field without gloves, helmets, proper pads, or even standardized bats and balls. As time passed, the game evolved, and cricket helmets reached their peak. Initially, players relied on basic headguards that only covered the upper part of their heads. Today, cricket helmets have come a long way from those simple designs.

Modern Cricket Helmets: Safety and Comfort

Many sports equipment manufacturers now produce top-notch cricket helmets. These helmets come with appealing designs. Furthermore, enhanced protection, features for ear and eye safety. Add to it the extended lower head coverage, comfortable cushioning, and improved grill systems. Let's take a look at some of the best cricket helmets and what makes them stand out.

1) Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet

Masuri is a leading premium helmet manufacturer globally. They prioritize high-quality sports equipment tailored for professional players. Masuri cricket helmets incorporate advanced technologies like HALO, EYE LINE, AIRFLOW, and TWIN SHEEL.

The Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill helmet is part of their Flagship series. Exclusively designed for advanced-level players. It offers lightweight quality, exceptional protection, and robust resistance. The advanced air vents ensure excellent air circulation, enhancing ventilation during play.

2) Ayrtek PremAyr Cricket Helmet Blue Size Medium

Ayrtek is a well-respected sports brand famous for making excellent gear for skilled players. The PremAyr helmet uses advanced ABS shell tech and patented ACIS (Air cushion impact system) tech. These inventions offer better comfort, safety, and a personalized fit. Also, this cricket helmet is light, helping to keep your head steady.

3) Moonwalkr Helmet Mind Size Large

IPL fans love this cricket helmet. Guess what? International players like Dinesh Kartik use it. The Moonwalkr Mind cricket helmet is the first in the world to provide lower head protection without needing a stem guard. This design cuts down on weight while improving safety. The helmet has 30 air vents, keeping air flowing well and preventing too much sweating.

4) Shrey Master Class Air Cricket Helmet with Stainless Steel Grill

Shrey is a brand designed for professional players, trusted by international cricket stars. These helmets feature advanced architecture and technology to elevate a player's cricketing experience. These helmets use lightweight materials. Letting players easily keep their heads and body balanced. They also have a fixed grill for added safety and a modern airflow system. Plus, they give extra protection to the sides and face.

5) SG Carbo Fab Cricket Helmet

SG is a trusted brand famous for making excellent sports gear. International players like Hardik Pandya and Cheteshwar Pujara use the SG Carbo Fab cricket helmet. These helmets provide top-notch protection using carbon technology. It has a steel wire grill coated with a powder that you can customize and adjust. The inner padding makes it comfy and absorbs shocks, and the fabric soaks up sweat.

6) Shrey Pro Guard Cricket Helmet with Titanium Steel Grill

Professional players highly prefer the Shrey Pro Guard Cricket Helmet with its titanium steel grill. It's lightweight and has an advanced air circulation system that provides comfort and keeps them cool while playing. Quality cushioning pads make it even more comfortable, and that's why it's a popular and affordable choice among players.

7) SG AeroTech 2.0 Cricket Helmet

The SG AeroTech 2.0 Cricket Helmet lives up to its name by offering advanced technology and features. It's built to last with a carbon fiber material that adds durability and strength without weighing you down. Mold the upper shell for a comfortable fit, and let the fabric inside absorb sweat. You can customize the high-quality steel grills, and the helmet comes with inner padding and netted vents for superior airflow.

8) Forma Pro Axis Titanium Cricket Helmet

Forma is well-known for prioritizing player safety, and their Forma Pro Axis Titanium Cricket Helmet is a prime example. It's made with plastic on the outer side for a comfortable fit and head protection. Inside, there's EPS as an inner shell for added comfort. The visor technology ensures high protection, and the titanium grill improves visibility. The straps are non-toxic and allow for easy adjustments.

9) Albion Cricket Helmet

Albion is a well-regarded sports company. They make cricket helmets from strong polypropylene material, which makes them tough and flexible. These helmets have a quick-fit system for extra comfort. They also have a fast-release lock, and foam inserts to absorb shocks, and they look nice, all without costing too much.

10) Forma Test Plus Titanium Cricket Helmet

Players like the Forma Test Plus Titanium Cricket Helmet because it has a special design and useful features. It comes with a titanium grill to protect their ears and help them see better while playing. Straps let them adjust it to fit them well, and it also has the technology to make it more comfortable by absorbing shocks.

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