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Delhi Capitals New Captain Rishabh Pant for IPL 2021

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Delhi Capitals captain Shreyas Iyer was needed to be pulled out of the game for possibly the whole entire season of IPL 2021 as he dislocated his shoulder in the first ODI versus England in Pune. The batsman is all set to undergo surgery in the month of April and will not be seen for at least 5-6months. Shreyas will surely miss the Indian Premier League 2021 and Delhi Capitals is having a hard time looking for the right leader to replace Iyer in the captaincy position. September is the expected month of Shreyas Iyer’s comeback in the competitive world of cricket.

After such a time under a tight deliberation, Delhi Capitals have already made the decision to turn over the captaincy position to Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Rajendra Pant is a 23 years old born in Roorkee, India is wicket-keeper batsman known for being a fine form in international cricket and also exults of having a striking record under his belt in the Indian Premier league. Iyer called Pant as the best player to captain the Delhi Capital team.

The Rishabh Pant leading the the DC teams in this year’s Upcoming IPL tournament happened when DC Chairman & Co-owner Mr. Kiran Kumar Grandhi made the big announcement saying in a statement that he wished a speedy recovery for Shreyas Iyer. The DC teams reached newer heights and he is going to be missed extremely. Added that in Iyer’s absence the franchise has collectively picked Rishabh Pant to lead the team this year. He also wishes Pant all the best in his new role though it has come under unfortunate circumstances, still it is a tremendous opportunity for him to grow.

Rishabh Pant opened on his new task by voicing that it has been his dream to be the captain of the Delhi-based franchise. He also expressed his gratitude to the Delhi capitals management for showing their trust in his abilities. He also said that he grew up in Delhi where his IPL journey began six years ago. It's a dream come true to lead the DC team one day. He added that he is humbled and truly grateful especially to the team owners who considered him capable enough for the role with the help of the amazing coaching staff and seniors around him. Lastly , he said he can’t wait to give his absolute best for the team

April 9 to May 30 is the set dates of the upcoming India Premier league in India over six venues, hosted by the board of control for cricket in India.

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