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" Rohit just decided where to hide. There was no call from him"

With Rohit Sharma already 35 and the next T20 World Cup two years away, it's definitely time to change the guard, a former Indian leader believes. He believes Hardik Pandya or Rishabh Pant can take command of the team and lead the Indian T20 team into a new era.

Under Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricket team suffered losses in two major multi-team tournaments in three months. In September, India failed to qualify for the Asian Cup semi-finals in a major setback after losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Super 4. Australia and South Africa gave some hope, but it quickly turned to disappointment when India were knocked out of the T20 World Cup after a 10-wicket hammering of England in the semi -final.

"Yes, I feel Rohit's time as Indian T20 captain is over. You always schedule between World Cups, and I don't think Indian cricket will gain anything from keeping him as captain. We get no commission for such an investment. You have two options ahead of you: Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant I'm still beside myself I can't believe what happened. I felt like India would beat in Adelaide and England in Sharjah," Wassan told ABP News.

Considering the scale of the defeat, the former Indian cricketer criticized the Indian team for not showing a fight. England winning the competition was not a talking point but India pulling out without taking a single wicket is an alarming issue, Wassan says. In fact, he made serious allegations against Rohit, saying that the India captain had taken no authority and that all decisions were made by the team management.

"We could see two cricketers. At least something should have happened. You can't even find fault. I don't think you can blame the captain. After all, it's the management of the team who made all the decisions. Rohit Sharma did not return any calls. He just decided where to hide on the field,” Wassan added.

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