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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


What is Hybrid Blackjack?

Hybrid Blackjack is a perfect game for live casino operators and players. This is because casino operators can greatly increase their earnings and allow all players to participate. The original seven seats will be replaced by an unlimited number of seats. This means that there is always a free space on the table.

All other aspects of the game are similar or the same as the standard Ezugi Blackjack game. This means that players can access Hybrid Blackjack from any type of device. Plus, they can do it any day of the week, 24 hours a day.

The game was shot in Ezugi's renowned Latin American studio in Colombia. Even if there is only one table at a time, all players can play this live casino game. This is the essence of Hybrid Blackjack.

Game Features and Betting Options

The main difference between this Ezugi title and their standard blackjack product is the number of players accepted. In the standard Ezugi blackjack game, only 7 players could bet on the main game. All other players had the opportunity to bet behind.

Bet Behind isn't a bad solution to the seven-spot problem, but hybrid blackjack offers another option. Using high-end RNG technology, all players get their own blackjack hand. This hand is randomly generated and therefore absolutely fair.

The game retains all the other positive aspects of blackjack like betting options and cash-out options. The main game offers payouts for Blackjack, player winnings and insurance. The blackjack outcome pays 3:2, if the player wins the payout is 1:1 while the insurance bet is 2:1.

Hybrid blackjack also retains the attractive side bets that blackjack offers. And why shouldn't they? Perfect Pair and 21 + 3 side bets can increase your winnings considerably. These are two of the side bets that Ezugi uses in most of his Blackjack products, and for good reason.

The Perfect Pair side bet increases a player's payout when a pair of cards of the same rank is dealt. Different couples have different payment options. For example, a mixed pair pays 6:1. A colored pair, on the other hand, pays more at 12:1. If a player manages to get the same suit and costume, their pair is worth a fortune. This is because the perfect pair result pays 25:1.

The 21+3 side bet combines blackjack with 3 card poker. To get a winning hand, the player's first 2 cards and the dealer's up card are crucial. Suited Trips is the highest a player can get here and has an astonishing 100: 1 odds. Next up is Straight Flush which pays 40: 1. Three of a kind is 25: 1 and a Straight costs 10: 1. Finally, if a player rolls a flush, he will be the benefactor of a 5: 1 odds.

Another interesting feature of Hybrid Blackjack is the live chat option. Players can communicate with dealers and share their thoughts. Player-dealer interaction can be further enhanced if the player tips the dealer. All of Ezugi's live dealers are excellent at what they do and remaining tips are always well deserved.

Make sure to visit 11ic website which offer not only Hybrid Blackjack but also lots of casino games that I'm pretty sure you will enjoy so much! Enjoy and have fun bettors!

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