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Cost of FIFA World Cup Ball Price in India

fifa world cup ball price

The World Cup is a highly awaited event in the soccer world. It takes place every four years. Enthusiastic fans eagerly seek information such as the venue, qualifiers, team kits, and the official FIFA World Cup ball price. Explore the prices of the official ball and its replicas in Indian rupees. Moreover, find out various online stores where you can make your purchase.

Recent FIFA World Cup Official Ball

Adidas, the renowned sportswear brand, has introduced Al Rihla as the official match ball for the recent 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. This marks the 14th consecutive ball crafted by Adidas for the FIFA World Cup, specifically designed to enhance performance at high speeds, surpassing the flight velocity of any previous World Cup ball.

Adidas has held the position of the official manufacturer of World Cup balls since 1970. As the second-largest sporting goods manufacturer globally, the German corporation supplies kits to numerous soccer teams and clubs worldwide. The name Al Rihla, meaning "the journey" in Arabic, draws inspiration from Qatar's architecture, iconic boats, and flag. Notably, Al Rihla is acknowledged for its exceptional speed during flight, setting a new standard for velocity and quality competition in the tournament's history.

FIFA World Cup ball price (INR)

The polyurethane (PU) exterior of the ball, featuring micro and macro textures and a redesigned 20-piece panel shape, enhances aerodynamics to boost the accuracy, stability, and swerve of shots.

According to the release, an innovative core inside the ball is fine-tuned to enhance accuracy and consistency, facilitating fast and precise play while maintaining optimal shape and air retention.

The product is currently available for purchase at ₹77,000 on the online store. Other sporting goods retailers also carry the new model. Since the 2022 World Cup has concluded, the price may not be as high as it was initially released. There are a plethora of online stores that you can refer to. 

FIFA World Cup Ball Price in Online Stores

1. Adidas Online Store


The Al Rihla Competition ball is crafted specifically for matches. Its seamless, thermally bonded surface and butyl bladder contribute to consistent play and reduced need for inflation. The FIFA Quality Pro stamp serves as the official seal of approval for this ball.

Key Features:

  • Price: ₹2,999.50 (From ₹4,999)

  • 60% polyurethane, 40% polyester cover

  • Butyl bladder

  • Thermally bonded seamless construction

  • FIFA Quality Pro certified

  • FIFA World Cup™ printed logo

  • Requires inflation

  • Leather (imitation)

  • Colour: White / Pantone

2. Amazon

PRISAMX Sports FIFA World Cup Football

This football is ideal for senior-level players engaged in more demanding gameplay. The size 5 football is specifically designed for both recreational play and training. With high durability, it performs well in various conditions, making it a versatile choice for your soccer activities.

Key Features:

  • Price: ₹499 (From ₹1,999)

  • Rubber

  • Needle Include

  • Multi Colour

  • Age Group ALL

  • Designed For MAN

  • Stitching Type Hand Stitched


  • Size 5

  • New Modern Football

3. JioMart

GOLS Indonesia Fifa World Cup 2022 Football

The World Cup 2022 Football, complete with a pump, is ideal for both training and recreational activities. Featuring high-resolution graphics, this ball is suitable for all age groups. It caters to both junior and senior players in regular and training matches. Its smooth design and high-contrast graphics ensure excellent visibility on the pitch.

The ball is equipped with a soft foam lining. It offers a cushioning effect, minimizing the impact on your feet during kicks. Its water-resistant nature makes it well-suited for wet, muddy, and grassy surfaces. However, caution is advised as it should not be used on rough, hard, or abrasive surfaces, and overinflation should be avoided.

Key Features:

  • Price: ₹386.00 (From ₹1,599)

  • Material- PVC

  • Size :- 5

  • Water Resistant

  • Color - Multicolor

  • Weight: 400 g

4. FlipKart


Key Features:

  • Price: ₹445 (From ₹1,399)

  • Water Resistant

  • 350-400 g

  • Needle included

  • 1.Football, 1.Pin

  • Hand Stitched

5. Ubuy India

 ADIDAS FIFA World Cup 2022 (Al Rihla Pro Soccer Ball)

Key Features:

  • Price: ₹15004

  • Adidas Replica

  • Size 5

  • Imported from US

  • Manufactured in Pakistan

Tips to Get a Good FIFA World Cup Ball Price

1. Know Your Needs

If you're a casual player or collector, your ideal choice might be a replica ball that features the iconic World Cup design at a budget-friendly price. However, for serious players seeking top-notch performance, a match ball replica or even the official match ball is the way to go.

2. Consider Store Reputation and Reviews

Several e-commerce platforms specialize in sports equipment. They can be excellent sources for purchasing FIFA World Cup balls. Ensure that the seller has a positive reputation and reviews, and always opt for platforms that offer buyer protection. 

Consider exploring websites dedicated specifically to sports equipment. These platforms often have a vast array of football gear, including FIFA World Cup balls.

3. Seasonal Sales and Promotions

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and promotions, especially during major football events. Retailers often offer discounts and special deals on football-related merchandise. Grab this opportunity to get a good FIFA World Cup ball price. Plan your purchase strategically to maximize savings.

4. Compare Prices

FIFA World Cup ball prices can be subjective. The prices depend on the quality of the materials used and the performance features installed on the ball. They can also be dependent on sports culture and economic dynamics. Comparing the prices of FIFA World Cup balls can be a valuable exercise for buyers, helping them make informed decisions and potentially save significant amounts.

5. Value Beyond the Price Tag

Remember, the true value of a World Cup ball lies in the emotions it stirs within you. Choose a ball that inspires you to play, practice, and celebrate the beautiful game. Whether you're reminiscing about memorable World Cup moments or creating your own footballing memories, let the ball be your gateway to passion and enjoyment.

Key Takeaway

The pricing of the FIFA World Cup ball in India mirrors the dedication and skill infused into each soccer ball. Whether you're a player or a collector, understanding the intricacies of pricing adds a new dimension to your soccer experience.

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