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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


How to Play

The Any5 payout mechanism takes the guesswork out of this slot. Quite simply, if you land at least one golden egg on every reel you are awarded a payout. Otherwise it's an empty spin, so there are no prizes for matching 3 or more symbols unless you land one of the blue scatter eggs. Otherwise those golden ovals will rain down from the top of the screen and hopefully give you a decent prize.

This unconventional game engine means there are no complicated paylines or rules to remember. But you should keep an eye out for the blue scatter egg, as it has the potential to increase your rewards, and we explain how it works in the bonus features section.

There are 5 green eggs numbered between 4 and 20, 4 blue eggs numbered between 30 and 80 and 3 red eggs numbered between 160 and 2000.These potential prizes are multiplied by your stake.

If you've played CQ9 Gaming slots before, you'll appreciate the sleek interface. Optimized for mobile gaming, it's easy to switch between customization features like autoplay and turbo spins to pick up the pace and really grab those games.

Game Theme and Storyline

Eggs hold a special place in many cultures and the Chinese are no exception when it comes to eggs as a symbol of fertility. Chinese red eggs are given out to celebrate the birth of a baby, usually two for a girl and one for a boy. But these are no ordinary eggs - look closely and you'll spot a dragon inside. In Chinese mythology, dragons stayed in the egg for 3,000 years: 1,000 in the water, 1,000 in the mountains, and 1,000 in the land of men. It is even said that a Chinese monastery kept a dragon egg with the embryo inside. Once hatched, the little chicks would instantly grow to full size and destroy any building as they crash through the roof to fly into a thunderstorm.

Graphics and Sound

This very unusual slot celebrates eggs, eggs and more eggs. In fact, they're the only things on the reels, either in 3D gold or as a dark silhouette. However, if you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of the baby dragons huddled inside.

This is an effective and unusual layout, although it must take into account the fact that the reels are not filled with symbols. It's a strange feeling when the screen appears full of black eggs. Keeping Everything Going is a happy traditional Chinese melody that you can turn off in the settings menu if you prefer.

Our Verdict

Golden Eggs is a one-of-a-kind slot that will amaze and delight you. It's incredibly easy to get into the habit of, as on most spins you only win a payout if you land 1 or more golden eggs on any reel. It's also not uncommon for no eggs to fall, which can be unsettling for fans of mainstream games.

We've enjoyed our time playing Golden Eggs and it certainly offers great potential, although it's not easy to unlock. But if you're looking for a slot that promises big wins, an easy game to learn and play, and some great graphics, you could do a lot worse than give Golden Eggs a spin.

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