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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Twinkling lights, a surreal atmosphere and a chance to win some cash – playing in a casino can be really fun! There are a few things you can do to help make your trip to the casino successful and hopefully walk away with more money than you brought in. For example, setting a budget for yourself, moving forward, and carefully choosing which games to play can increase your winnings.


Practice different games before going to the casinos.

There are many programs online that you can "play" with without spending money. Spend some time practicing the different games you want to play when you arrive at the casino.

Set a budget before hitting the casino.

Decide in advance how much money you want to spend and assume that you won't win anything. If you can, bring a set amount of cash with the intention of leaving the casino once it's gone for the day.

This helps you win by reducing your chances of losing more and more money. Knowing that you have limited funds makes you more picky when it comes to deciding which games to play. If you plan to bet for several days in a row, try putting the betting money allocated for each day in a separate envelope - that way you won't accidentally end up using weekend money on a Monday!

Learn about a casino's layout by visiting it during the day.

Casinos are designed to be confusing - there are no clocks, no windows, and the games are set in different maze patterns, so it's easy to lose track of time! Take a trip to the casino during the day and have a look around when you are not distracted by the hustle and bustle of nighttime gambling.

Stay hydrated and don't drink too much alcohol.

You will likely spend more money and pay less attention to games if you drink alcohol, which is easy if the casino you are in offers free drinks. If you're planning on drinking, try to keep yourself on track by drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

Keep time by wearing a watch or by setting your phone timer.

The longer you stay in a casino, the more likely you are to lose money - the odds are always in the house's favor! So set a time limit for a few hours and stop after that hour. If you have won money, that's great! If not, take a break and come back refreshed the next day.

Get out there as you lead the way so you don't risk losing your winnings.

If you win big, you cash in and leave the casino. The odds of hitting a great streak, however tempting it may be, are very low. Casinos will want to keep you there after winning so they have a chance to win their money back. Experts suggest cashing in the money and leaving after winning.

Most gambling experts agree that table games have better odds than slots and that blackjack is the easiest to win. When playing blackjack, spend some time observing the game before signing up. This will give you a better idea of winning strategies. If you go at a time when it's not really crowded, you might also be able to get a basic overview of the game from the dealer.

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