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ICC Ranking- Top 10 List of Best Cricket Team

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

  ICC Ranking- Top 10 List of Best Cricket Team BY 11IC BLOG

Cricket is a game that has captured the spotlight of different other sports for years. It found its roots in 16th-century England, while within two centuries it had become England's national sport.

Every year, the ICC ranks all international cricket teams participating in various tournaments based on their performances, number of winning game and total points scored. This article is about to discuss the ranking of the top ten ICC cricket teams.


The Australian cricket team has held the crown of the cricket empire for many years. It is considered the finest cricket team in the world. In 2011, this team set the winning record of 34 World Cup games in a line..


The Black Caps Team, New Zealand's national cricket team, is ranked second by ICC. This team initiated its ODI career in 1972 with its first game upon Pakistan.


The Indian cricket team remains in the top three positions in the ICC rankings for ODI matches while it ranked first for T20 and for Test matches this team kept its position in second place. This team consists of several talented players who work very well under MS Dhoni captain.


South Africa has maintained its position in the ICC rankings with its consistently high performance in the history of cricket. It is ranked fourth in the list of the top ten cricket teams in the world.


The Sri Lanka team is well known as the Lions due to their supremacy in the cricket race. It ranks fifth in the list of the top ten cricket teams in the world.


Next up is the amazing team from England, who finished sixth highest in the most recent ICC rankings. Of the total of 666 ODI games this team has played, they have won 352 games.


The Bangladesh national cricket team is an official full member of the ICC and played Pakistan for the first time in the 1986 Asian Cup. In the late 1990s, cricket became very popular in Bangladesh.


It currently ranks eight in the list of the top ten cricket teams in the world. The team managed to reach the World Cup in 1992.


Based on their performance in the ODI series, West Indies are considered the ninth best team in the world. Considering it's the 3rd best T Twenty team in the world.


Although cricket has been played on the streets of Afghanistan since 1995, the national cricket team became a member of the ICC in 2001. Since then it has made many appearances in various ODI games and even the World Championship.

Cricket is played among two rival teams, each team subsist of 11 players. Each team must hit to set a challenging goal while the opposing team must complete that goal. These teams consist of combinations of multiple batsmen, bowlers, and fielders. The amazing sixes, limits and outs make this game more interesting for its fans.

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