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Incomes for the Upcoming IPL 2021 is Expected to Boost by Up to 100% for BCCI

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Upcoming IPL 2021

In the IPL 2020 the central sponsorship incomes for BCCI almost drop up to 50% but the Indian cricket board is ready to earn a large sum of money and make it twice the amount for this year's Indian Premier League 2021. The upcoming Indian Premier League 2021 will have 5 official partners in the league as per 3 IPL official partners in the 13th edition. BCCI had announced digital brokerage firm Upstox as the new official partner for Indian Premier League 2021. They may even add one more in the future as the BCCI discusses with various companies. Indian Premier League sponsorship revenues have grown to 708 crores this year for the BCCI Even without any new addition in the future. The BCCI almost doubled from the sponsorship revenues already this year as per last year where they only generated 400 Cr revenues on the same account.

IPL franchises will also earn big this time as the sponsorship already increases almost 90-100% in central sponsorship. The official broadcaster of Indian Premier League 2021 Disney Star network is targeting 3200 Cr from the Indian Premier League advertising this year. The official broadcaster of IPL will also collect in big dues this year on the back of blockbuster IPL 2020. Star India is seeing a huge increase in advertising incomes in this year's League. According to the market insider Maruti will replace Byjus in the IPL studio and Disney Star Network has already signed the list of brands for on air sponsors like Coca Cola, PhonePe, Dream11, AMFI, Just Dial, Byju’s, MRF, ITC.

The star has announced selling the inventory in comparison of IPL 2020 advertising rate per 10 seconds and some of the other top brands like Airtel and Online Investment firm GROWW are also in final stages of negotiation with the network for On-Air Sponsorship. The InsideSports Star is selling Co-Sponsorship packages at 115-120 cr for the season which is the same as 2020. however the results are lowered by 15%.

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