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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is by far the best cricket league in the world and attracts millions of people from all over the world to join in on the action.

With more online bookmakers than ever offering odds to Indian bettors on the IPL, now is the time to review your betting strategy and make some money!

Note the differences between T20 and Test Cricket

It sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many tipsters and cricket fans talk about T20 cricket as if it were the same thing as Test cricket. In Test cricket, the overwhelming philosophy was that if you win the ground, you bat first. But in the T20 format, there is an advantage to hitting second. We took an in-depth look at the coin toss and what some IPL team captains do when they win the coin toss.

Similarly, in Test cricket and other popular sports like football, fans and bookmakers can accurately guess which players will be chosen to play. But in the IPL, there are great teams to choose from. We often see surprising choices and poor tactical positions by the coaches. Additionally, the fact that only a certain number of foreign-born players can start often leads to confusing decisions.

Familiarize yourself with the stadiums

Not all cricket grounds are the same and understanding the differences between the stadiums will improve your ability to predict cricket matches. Of course, when trends emerge, bookmakers and other bettors are quick to spot them and use them to their advantage. Gain an advantage by not accepting common knowledge. This means doing your own research. Just because there's been a bias, say, over the last three years, doesn't mean it's going to last forever. If you can spot new biases and trends before anyone else, you get a huge advantage.

Don't be afraid of having mixed bets

It sounds weird when we tell you that you often have to consider supporting both teams in one match, right? Or that you have to bet on a team to go over x runs and then bet again to go under x runs?

Now, it would be weird if you did that before the match, but in-play betting offers amazing opportunities to win money regardless of the outcome.

Let's take two examples. You back Team A at 2.50 before the game because you think they are too expensive.

Team A starts fantastically and finishes with a solid 170 points. They are now getting into obvious favoritism as the B team struggles in the early overs.

Now is the time to check the odds in play. They are now in a good position with Team A only winning 1.15 and Team B as big as 7.00. You may be very confident in your bet, but consider having a small savings on Team B for a big prize. Now you can support both teams and win, no matter who wins!

Here is another market. The bookmaker establishes a grand total before each team's innings. You can either back the team to go above or below that amount. For our example, let's assume the total is set to 152.5. You support the overs, knowing that during the first six overs, hitters tend to strive to pick up decent scores early on.

But once the power play of six is ​​done, the scores tend to go down. Players on the pitch fall further behind and races are harder to collect.

Now is the time to consider in-play under line backup as insurance, especially with more under opportunities usually available right after power play. If you do your math well, you can again make a profit by covering both options.

Analyze batsman vs bowler

Part of the reason we love the IPL is the fascinating encounters that take place on the pitch as the batters clash with the bowlers. It's easy to know which hitters are doing well against which bowlers and use that to analyze a game.

When a batsman hits a big total, write down the style of bowler he has encountered most often. You will start to see models in whom, like Gayle, KL Rahul and David Warner, etc. like to face the counter.

This can then be used to inform your bets when you see announced lineups. If you see a spin bowler-filled bowling bout against a well-known hitter struggling with that kind of deliveries, then you have good reason to stand up to a team and bet on total hits.

Click here for your favorite IPL Matches and place your bet! Enjoy and have a good luck.

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