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Updated: Nov 22, 2023


Here is a way for professional poker players to gain an edge over some of their opponents in live games:

They read the facial expressions and posture of their opponents.

This is called reading a tell.

Of course, it's different when you're sitting at the table with your opponents than when you're playing online.

When playing online, you cannot see your opponents.

Does that mean you can't get a tell in online poker? Many online players don't believe you can read stories while playing online poker, so they don't look for it.

Others find they are too difficult to read accurately, so they try not to use them either.

But the best poker players tend to seek every possible advantage, no matter how small.

Therefore, if there is a chance to find clues online, you should try to use them against your opponents.

Here are some ways you can collect stories about your online opponents:

The Difference Between Telling and Trending

Many poker players confuse game trends with precepts. They are both valuable parts of a poker player's game, but they are not the same.

Gaming tendencies are how players handle certain situations.

Here is an example:

Some players always raise with QQ but never raise with 88.

Always try to determine all of your opponents' playing tendencies. You can learn them online just like in live games.

Online Poker Tells

Online stories include how long it takes a player to act on an important situation, what things they can type in the chat box, and even their nickname.

Just like in live poker, many players who bluff act boldly. In a live game, they can move their chips into the pot quickly and aggressively. In an online game, when you bluff, you can quickly make a big raise or raise all-in.

As with all counters, even the worst players rarely do the same thing every time. If they make a big raise quickly, it could mean they are excited and have a great hand. This is where combining possible narrative with playing trends can help you determine your opponent's most likely hand.

A player who takes a long time to make a decision may have a marginal hand and try to decide whether to call or fold. But they can also have a strong hand and decide how much to bet to get you called.


While playing online, you can get information from some opponents.

But I make a lot more money by playing solid poker and learning my opponents' playing tendencies than by reading their stories.

Use possible clues to help you make important decisions while playing online poker, but don't rely on them too much. In most situations, there isn't enough information available to potentially risk a lot of money.

However, you could use reverse narration to trick your opponents into mistakes that can earn you extra cash.

Even if you don't try to see your opponent's narratives, you can still use what you know about the narrative to your advantage.

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