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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


If you are newbie to online gaming industry, you may be overwhelmed by the number of software, game and website options available on the internet. For those of us who have been in business since its inception over twenty years ago, we are constantly looking for improvements and additions to what appears to be a very cold and calculated company.

Decade ago, one of those game-changing changes the world of online casinos came with live dealer games. Well, if you're new to internet casinos, you've probably never heard of them, but being on this page is a great place to start.

Our team of experts reviews all the casinos we can find to offer you the best options as a new player. In many of these reviews we talk about live casinos, which can be confusing for some of you. This new method of game delivery brings together the best of both the online and land-based casino worlds, and this page provides all the basics about these games and why they have become so popular over the past decade.

What are Live dealer games?

Live dealer casino games are exactly what you guess from their name: they are games you can play with human dealers instead of your computer. These games are still conveniently played online from anywhere you have access to online casinos. However, the games are streamed to you and you play with an on-screen dealer who deals big cartoon cards for you to see the values.

As you can imagine, not every game in a casino makes sense to have a real dealer. Yet, the live dealer software companies have gone to great lengths to offer as many games as possible and these are the games you are most likely to find at a live casino:




Three Card Poker

Casino Hold’em

How to Play Live Dealer Games?

Now that you have some background on the story of these games, it's time to turn our attention to how the games themselves are played. Remember that playing is a lot more like stepping into a traditional casino, only from the comfort of your own PC or mobile device.

First thing you must need to do is find an online casino that offers live dealer games (more on that in the next section). After selecting a place to play, you need to create an account and make a deposit. Now that everything is in place, you're good to go!

In the casino lobby, look for a card likely labeled Live Casino. There you will find all available tables. You may see several different tables for each game, usually separated by bet size. Once you've found the table that suits your betting preferences, you'll often be taken to a screen where you can select a dealer. After selecting your dealer, a new window will open with the selected dealer and table.

Live dealer games are the way of the future for the online casino world. We are sure that these games will become even more popular as virtual reality becomes more accessible.

We hope that after reading the information on this page you will feel more comfortable with the concept of these games and that you are now ready to choose your favorite table and dealer and start playing. Click here for more Live dealer casino games. Enjoy and Good Luck!

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