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Every successful baseball bettor is aware of the value of the starting pitching matchups when deciding which side to take in any game. In fact, many sportsbooks give the starting pitching matchups so much weight that they stop taking bets whenever a pitcher is scratched.

However, predicting a starting pitcher's performance in the early part of the season is one of the most difficult aspects of starting pitcher evaluation. Many pitchers perform differently early in the season than in the middle and late stages. Some people take longer to get going than others, and some people need the heat to improve.

I find it irritating that Major League Baseball doesn't provide accurate injury information. Major league pitchers have a reputation for trying to pitch through issues and keeping their pain or issues a secret from others.

It's possible for a pitcher to be under-performing for weeks on end before you suddenly learn that they are injured.

So how can you tell the difference between early season struggles and something worse?

The best approach is to continuously monitor starting pitcher performance throughout the course of the season. In the early going, you don't worry too much if you know a starting pitcher always gets off to a slow start, but you do tend to bet against him.

How many innings have they pitched in the past year, over the course of their career, how old are they, and did they participate in winter ball pitching?

The answers to each of these queries are crucial when assessing early-season performance.

Given the significance of a pitcher's legs, it can be helpful to watch how they move when walking and running. To place wise bets, you must be ready to use every tool at your disposal. This includes all available data, knowledge, and information, as well as what your eyes can tell you while watching sports.

Early-season Gambling Tactics

How can you make the most of all of this to place winning bets early in the season?

Avoiding early-season baseball wagers may be the most secure strategy. For entertainment purposes, some sports bettors focus on basketball and only begin betting on baseball after the first few weeks of the season.

The sportsbooks, however, will experience the same issues with early-season pitching match-ups as everyone else, it is important to keep in mind. Therefore, if you simply don't try early in the season, you might miss out on lines that are worthwhile.

You can start the season with some nice winning percentages if you can learn to evaluate these games because winning sports bettors are the best at spotting value.

Bullpens play a significant role in whether teams win or lose games, despite not being directly related to starting pitching. In the event that a starting pitcher has a poor outing, a strong bullpen can save the day. The bullpen might be able to maintain a competitive atmosphere long enough for the offense to have a late-game opportunity to win.

On the other hand, a weak bullpen can ruin a game, and a poor closer can quickly undo seven or eight innings of strong starting pitching. Because of how crucial the bullpen is, if two starting pitchers have similar predicted performances, you can use the bullpen to help you choose who to back.

The catcher for each starting pitcher is one factor that most baseball bettors overlook. Depending on the catcher, some pitchers don't seem to change much, but others perform significantly better with one catcher than another. This can be followed both historically and right now in the season.


You can gain a real edge during the baseball season by being willing to put in more effort than the average person and keep track of more statistics than the average person, as is the case in most sports betting situations. You are in the best position to succeed at the sportsbook when you are the expert on the starting pitchers and their teams.

You will be well on your way to profit if you decide to start betting on baseball successfully right now.

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