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Money Management: How Much Money You Should Spend In Betting?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Money Management: How Much Money You Should Spend In Betting? BY 11IC BLOG

Have you heard this popular phrase saying

“ Only bet what you are willing to lose.”

This phrase is indeed but false at the same time. This saying is meant for a gambler. Gambling is while you are having a bet on some thing with none kind of talent or aggressive benefit that will help you win.

This motto is perfect in the time you are playing roulette or lotto. It’s additionally true for a few Sports activities bettors who aren't doing any homework and simply randomly selecting winners in games. People that fall into this class are simply leisure sports activities bettors whose sole intention is entertainment.

Many of you are still confuse on how much they can spend on betting. Well of course it depends on you, but I will give some advice to start your bet.

1-5% of your total finance amount is a prudent amount. But if you are someone who is hesitant to take a risk, then I suggest to keep your bets under 2-5% of your total finance but no more higher than that no matter what.

This explains that if you have $100 in your bankroll for Sports betting, then $5 of bet is enough. This wise percentage plan will help you to avoid variance issues.

You can start an amount that you think you can make it grow. And once you continually win then you can add the amount of your bet so you can get more profits.

Manage your bankroll and creating a plan on how much you should spend in betting is wise strategy. If you are a beginner in betting industry, I recommend to bet small but at the same time bet something to have liability.

I will end this article by leaving a phrase, “ Do not bet when you cannot afford to lose.”

Luck never gives, it will only lends. Be a smart bettor. Wish you a good luck!

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