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Most Man of the Match in IPL: IPL's Top Player

Updated: Jan 15

Cricket fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the Indian Premier League (IPL) each year, enjoying exceptional talent and thrilling matches. One exciting aspect of the tournament is the prestigious "Most Man of the Match in IPL" award.

In this article, we explore the fascinating journey of players who have won the most man of the match in IPL. We will examine the award's evolution. Additionally, we'll highlight standout performances and uncover challenges and controversies associated with them.

most man of the match in ipl

The Top 5 Players With the Most Man of the Match Awards In IPL

The Undisputed King: AB de Villiers (25 Awards)

AB de Villiers, the South African swashbuckler, reigns supreme with 25 Man of the Match awards. De Villiers has all-around batting, bold strokes, and the capacity to independently chase down huge scores. This made him a difficult challenge for bowlers. Whether his trademark ramp shots cleared the ropes or his unorthodox scoops sent the ball flying to the boundary, fans held their breath with every de Villiers delivery. He was a true match-winner, capable of shifting the momentum of a game in a matter of overs.

Looking at AB de Villiers' performance in the IPL, he displayed his skills while playing for both the Delhi Daredevils and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. In 170 innings, he scored a total of 5162 runs, with an impressive average of 39.71. What makes AB stand out is not just his numbers but his ability to change the game for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

A key moment in AB de Villiers' IPL career was when he and Virat Kohli formed a record-breaking partnership. They made history in the IPL, setting a record that showcased not just their individual excellence. The record also highlighted the synergy they brought to the cricketing arena.


The Universe Boss: Chris Gayle (22 Awards)

Chris Gayle, the Jamaican powerhouse, is synonymous with raw power and six-hitting prowess. His 22 Man of the Match awards stands as a testament to his ability to demolish bowling attacks. With his towering presence at the crease, Gayle instilled fear in bowlers and exhilaration in fans. His signature "Universe Boss" celebration after every maximum became an iconic image in the IPL, marking his dominance on the field.

In 141 innings, this cricket maestro made a significant mark in IPL history. He accumulated an impressive 4965 runs with an awe-inspiring average of 39.72. As a skilled batsman, he emerged as one of the league's most dominant and dangerous players. He left bowlers amazed by his bold strokes and strategic finesse.

Examining the stats, his journey in the IPL reveals an impressive count of 31 fifty-plus scores. It showcased his consistency in delivering outstanding performances. Additionally, he boasts six centuries, crafting innings of sheer brilliance that resonated with cricket fans worldwide.

The Hitman: Rohit Sharma (19 Awards)

Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians skipper, has blossomed into a formidable batsman while leading his team to five IPL titles. His 19 Man of the Match awards showcase his consistency and leadership. His elegant yet destructive batting, often complemented by his tactical nous as captain, makes him a complete package.

Go back to the start of Sharma's IPL journey in 2008, a year filled with cricketing excitement. In the first match, Rohit Sharma played for the Deccan Chargers against the strong Kolkata Knight Riders. Unfortunately, fate presented him with a difficult challenge. He encountered the humiliating Duck, marking an initial setback in a journey destined for greatness.

Since that first match, Sharma has made a lasting mark in the history of the IPL. A seasoned player, he has played in the IPL 221 times, representing both the Deccan Chargers and the Mumbai Indians. Amid the cheers of the crowd, his bat has created a symphony, scoring an impressive total of 5764 runs with an average of 30.66.

Captain Cool: Ms Dhoni (17 Awards)

MS Dhoni, the Chennai Super Kings legend, is synonymous with composure and calm leadership. His 17 Man of the Match awards reflect his ability to guide his team through pressure situations and finish games with a flourish. His unorthodox batting style and strategic captaincy have made him a fan favorite and a true IPL icon.

The Pillars of All-round Excellence: Ravindra Jadeja and Andre Russell (13 and 13 Awards)

In recent years, Ravindra Jadeja, the all-rounder from the Chennai Super Kings, has become a formidable presence. His 13 Man of the Match awards highlight his versatility with both bat and ball. His accurate spin bowling, acrobatic fielding, and late-order hitting make him a valuable asset to any team.

The Jamaican powerhouse, Andre Russell, earns recognition for his explosive batting. He is additionally recognized for his powerful bowling. His 13 Man of the Match awards reflect his ability to single-handedly win games with his all-round performance. His six-hitting prowess and yorker-bowling accuracy make him a feared competitor on the field.

Beyond the Numbers: The Legacy of IPL's Greatest Performers

The players mentioned above represent just a handful of those who have made the Most Man of the Match in IPL award synonymous with individual brilliance. Many players have achieved this recognition in the IPL. Their records and achievements are impressive, but their true impact lies in the memories they have created for fans. From de Villiers' bold scoops to Gayle's powerful sixes, and from Dhoni's calm finishes to Jadeja's athletic saves, these players have engraved their names in the hearts of millions.

The IPL continues to evolve, and new stars emerge every season. Yet, the legacies of these most decorated Man of the Match winners will endure. They serve as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers. Additionally, they are a reminder that individual brilliance can truly light up the biggest stage of cricket.


The 'Man of the Match' award is a testament to the exceptional skill, determination, and passion displayed by the top players in the IPL. AB De Villiers, Chris Gayle, and Rohit Sharma are just a few examples of the extraordinary talent that graces the IPL stage. As the IPL continues to enthrall cricket enthusiasts worldwide, the quest for the most 'Man of the Match' awards remains a compelling narrative within the league.

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