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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


The full name of PP SLOT is Pragmatic Play. Since its inception in 2015, PP has launched more than 80 games in 78 countries and supports 23 languages. As a brand that started in Europe, PP has branches in 7 countries around the world, including Ukraine, UK, Gul, Gibraltar, Philippines, India, Romania and other places.

In order to meet the requirements of the global market and different national laws and regulations, PP has obtained certified licenses from 12 institutions, including the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GC), the Golta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Isle of Man Gaming Regulatory Commission (GSC) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Additionally, PP has sent its products to the internationally renowned independent research organization GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) for certification. This is because a safe and fair gaming environment is the basic requirement for global gamers.

Characteristics of PP players

Pragmatic Play's game development team is a group of serious players who love slot machines. They are also game development experts who understand the needs and wishes of the players. The captivating game was created using the players' point of view as a guideline for the development of the game, from the operational functions to the sound effects of the totem pole.

Objective data analysis and thorough market research are performed to ensure that the game meets the expectations of the players. Although PP was well accepted by players in Europe, they still did their research before entering the Asian market.

They customized each product for the Asian market based on the fast characteristics of Asian players. For example, the size of each PP game is about 6MB and fully adopts the technical specifications of HTML5. The super-fast loading speed does not require extra waiting time, which greatly reduces the player's intolerance, good feelings and acceptance naturally increase rapidly.

Type of video game PP

When it comes to the features of PP slot games, it is impossible to mention the strong capabilities of their physical casino slot games. From playstyle to gameplay to the most important internal mathematical formulas, everything is restored for the online gods.

For those who have played this machine in a physical casino, they have a quick familiarity; For those who have not yet had the opportunity to enter a physical casino, they can free themselves from the constraints of time and space simply by using a computer or a mobile device. The most authentic physical casino is awesome.

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