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The most common reason online casinos offer welcome bonus is to lure people into opening an account with them. Yet the reasons why this temptation works are fascinating.

Deep down, most of us know that we shouldn't expect anything for free. However, online casinos continue to offer deposit bonuses and people are lining up to claim them.

Sign up Bonuses are a Great Copy

Online casinos use promotions because on paper it looks good to offer their members free money.

When you see the words "$1,000 FREE" it's hard to be sane. This is a double-edged sword. By offering bonus money for signing up, online casinos tap into the part of our brain that wants to win big. Somehow, these deals also slow down the part of our brain that knows there's no such thing as a free lunch. It is humbler and more accessible.

It also gives away the casino to create a separation between them and their competitors. In short, great sign-up offers are good copy, so they're here to stay.

Sign-up Bonuses are (great) Marketing Tools

Online casinos use deposit bonus offers because a lot of people fall in love with them.

Yes, people are conditioned to expect something free from their game provider. And yes, people tend to look for big money deals.

But online casinos don't just use these promos for flashy advertising and to fulfill expectation – they do it because chasing these bonuses requires actual cash play on the casino's games. This is a marketing tool that also gives users an incentive to gamble more than they may have intended to when signing up.

By giving online casinos some room to differentiate their services from the competition, online casino welcome promos are excellent marketing tools.

Sign-up Bonuses Don't Cost

Online casinos know that most players aren't going to earn any bonus cash at all.

These offers come with all sorts of complications, requirements, and time limits.

The wagering requirements make the full value of the sign-up bonuses unattainable for most players. The total amounts of these bonuses are so far out of reach for the average player that the casino makes more money promoting them than it pays out. More of what comes out equates to a win. This is basic business sense.

Casinos know that customers are unlikely to seek the full bonus amount and will use it to their advantage.

Online Casinos may Lie About Their Promotions

Some (very few) online casinos may use deceptive advertising to try and trick people into joining.

I wanted to mention this last because it's not all that's common and I don't want to put people off online gambling. Some gambling websites cheat their members by paying them late, changing bonus terms in favor of the house or simply stealing members' funds.

So why wouldn't they lie about their welcome bonus offers? We have already seen how powerful these offerings can be on the human psyche. If a casino doesn't intend to be an honest operator, why wouldn't they advertise a promotion they don't intend to offer? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter why the casinos use this tactic. What matters is how you interact with it.


If you step into a new online casino knowing full well that you're only likely to win a few bucks as part of a bonus, you won't be disappointed. As long as you set realistic goals for your deposit promotion, it makes sense to sign up and try to earn as much free money as possible. Just don't make the mistake of thinking that online casino freebies will get you anywhere near rich.

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