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Shreyas lyer Got Shoulder Injury Few Weeks Before the IPL 2021

In an incredibly sad moment for the Indian cricket squad specially the Delhi Capitals, Shreyas Iyer has seriously dislocated his shoulder. On the report from the BCCI's sources, Iyer will least be out from the side for the next 6 two months. This implies Delhi Capitals captain is currently uncertain to join IPL 2021. At this moment, Iyer was taken to the Medical hospital for output reports and officials are still waiting on the degree of the injury that the captain of Delhi Capital Shreyas lyer has.

The unfortunate episode occur in the eighth over of the England innings. The 26-year-old Delhi Capitals captain is questionable to be a participant in the last two ODIs. Shreyas lyer has been taken for further scans and said to not participate in any part of the game as he partially dislocated his shoulder in the 8th over while fielding. You can see in Shreyas while walking off the field holding his shoulder that he is in pain and makes a lot of people, especially the fans, worry over his capability ahead of the IPL in which he captains Delhi Capitals. Shreyas had become the head of Delhi Capitals to the final in the past edition of the league.

Shreyas lyer case injury will leave the Delhi Capitals in a serious position as he is also the captain of the team. The IPL is starting soon right after the ongoing ODI series on April 9. it takes weeks or more to recover from shoulder dislocation and much longer if surgery is needed for Shreyas lyer case injury.

Aside from Shreyas lyer there is other cricket players who got injuries during the ODI in Pune ,Eoin Morgan who splitting a webbing in his right hand and Sam Billings who hurt his collar bone. both of them move to bat during the chase.

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