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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


When it comes to live casino games, one provider stands out from the crowd - Evolution Gaming. This multi-award winning game publisher offers innovative and addictive live dealer games across multiple genres.

Speed Roulette is one of the best roulette games offered by the studio and is designed for fast gameplay, with spins on the wheel every 25 seconds. This allows you to get more than double the bets compared to a standard live roulette game variant.

Spin the wheel and watch the cue ball land in place on the wheel from multiple immersive camera angles, allowing you to win up to 35x your stake on every direct bet placed.


To get started, you'll need to wait for a seat to become available on the live plan. Once you are seated at the table, your credits will be uploaded to the interface. The game wheel is always spinning, so place your bets quickly while the wheel is in motion.

Once the dealer / croupier says "no more bets", you should refrain from betting further. All game results are recorded quickly, thanks to video technology for recognizing the winning numbers.

To place your bet, tap / click on the denomination of your favorite chip and then again on the desired betting position on the grid.

The game features various RTP specifications. These vary according to the type of bets placed:

Inside bets: from 94.67% to 97.22%;

Outside bets: 94.67% to 97.30%.

Other useful controls to simplify the game include a "favorite bet" tool. Here you can quickly select your favorite bets so that you waste less time in the betting process.


When playing live roulette games on Evolution Gaming, you can choose to play classic or immersive on-screen viewing. The classic view keeps the bank, wheel and betting grid in the frame, frontally throughout the round, while the immersive view will pan in and out of the roulette wheel with each spin, so you can take a closer look. as the ball spins and stops.

If live casino game is your favorite game, but you want to bet as much as possible in a limited time, this version of the roulette game is a must. The game offers large traditional payouts of up to 35: 1.

Make sure you play Speed Roulette at a reputable licensed casino. At 11icwebsite we direct you to a list of the best online casinos from Evolution Gaming that offer the best security and fairness in the industry.

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