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Follow these simple casino hacks if you're heading out to the casino for the first time, or if you've been gambling for years but want to get more out of it. This information will give you a better chance of being able to hold on to some of your bankroll if your arm yourself with it.

1. Find the Best Slot Machines with One Simple Trick

In my opinion, the best slot machines are those that give the casino the smallest advantage. You should make sure to stick to games with a low house edge if you are going to play slots.

How do you find these low-risk slots?

It's easy. As a rule of thumb, the higher a slot machine's base denomination, the lower the house's advantage against you will be. Check out the game's display case before you put money into it to see how much one credit is.

2. Use your Existing Device to Combat Casino Fog

Casinos are known for distracting bettors from reality. There are very few windows on the casino floor. It's the same with clocks. Every aspect of the casino, from its unsightly carpets to its seamless ambient music, has been chosen to manipulate you into focusing on the games and playing them more often.

There is no doubt that your smartphone is the ultimate anti-fog device. The clock features a mechanism for alerting you - the alarm clock - and a single piece of vital information - the current time.

Casino fog can lead to overspending. It's only in the casino's interest to increase your spending. The only thing that should matter to you is to spend as little money as possible.

3. Stay Sober to Starve the Casino

Casinos use alcohol as one of their most manipulative tactics. Ever wondered why alcohol flows so freely while you're gambling?

While watered-down drinks are common in casinos, it's still a powerful mood booster and mind-fogger. Even when I'm sitting in front of a penny slot machine, barely contributing to their profits, casinos in Atlantic City are good at getting me a drink.

When gambling, staying sober is an easy way to prevent over-spending, over-tipping, and poor play.

4. This Secret Part of the Casino Houses the Best Games

There are several ways in which casinos manipulate their customers. This is one of the more theatrical tricks used on the floor. Lighting.

When you're at a casino, look for games with bright and colorful lighting. The casino makes a lot of money on these games due to a high house edge.

A perfect example is Wheel of Fortune. An attractive female employee with a low-cut top often runs the operation, which is often lighted up like a Broadway stage. It's obvious you shouldn't play this kind of game.

You can also use this tactic against the house. As the house highlights its worst games, it also tends to conceal its best performances. Most of the best games in the casino are located in an area of the floor that is practically unlit.

My experience is mostly with machine games, but there's also European Roulette tucked away in a dark, musky corner. Using this same principle, you can sometimes spot bad table games bets. You'll find the most colorful craps betting layouts on the field bets and "any seven" spaces.

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