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It has been in use for several weeks in Germany's top soccer league, and the English Premier League, which resumes play on June 17, is even considering stealing crowd noise from FIFA, a well-liked soccer video game from EA Sports.

But why do so many of us believe we require crowd noise, and why do we care so much about it?

The reason for this is that it fosters a sense of community among tribe members, gives us a sense of connection, and serves as a psychological cue for when to pay close attention to an action, such as a goal opportunity. Sport simply doesn't seem as exciting without it.

Bond Over Sport

A sense of community is forged by supporting the same team as others. People's thoughts and emotions are driven by this sense of belonging, which is an incredibly strong motivator. Additionally, supporting a team involves feeling things. When they succeed, we celebrate with them, and when they fail, we mourn with them.

Noisy Crowds Serve as a Cue.

Prior to the COVID-19 suspension, we witnessed a few rounds of AFL play where we could actually hear the players shouting at one another. The only sound made by the players themselves was when they scored. It reminded me of listening to an amateur game in the neighborhood park. Without the crowd, even the teensiest situations or the most valiant actions lacked excitement.

That's because spectators use crowd noise as a cue. When people start screaming, we know something exciting has happened. The tension in a game increase when the scores are very close in the final minutes. I revel in the excitement with my tribe when my team is being supported. By amplifying the fake crowd noise during exciting moments, it appears that the broadcasters are reflecting this.

Players and Referees are Impacted by the Crowds as Well.

The crowd seems to play the biggest role in home-field advantage (although some contend that the advantage of the home crowd was once greater).

The majority of teams have a home field, but occasionally two or more teams may share a field. Both teams are designated as home and away when they are competing against one another. The designated "home" team will have a more supportive crowd despite the fact that neither team needs to travel far and both teams are familiar with the stadium's peculiarities.

Without Crowds, sports won't be as thrilling.

I still clearly recall when Nick Davis scored that goal with just five seconds remaining to beat the Geelong Cats and advance the Sydney Swans to the 2005 preliminary final. It was so fun to share that moment with everyone as the crowd went wild. I belonged.

I doubt it would be as thrilling if something similar occurred this year without a crowd to witness it and cheer it on.

And that is exactly why fake crowd noise can be heard on television. There is at least a little bit more excitement with it, even though it might feel forced, and some people might not like it very much. We'll hopefully not have to worry about it for too long.

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