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Many sports bettors limit themselves to betting on a few sports or simply bet on their favorite team. It's like eating only one flavor of ice cream, and it's clearly wrong. There are so many betting options and huge chances to win big money!

We've rounded up the details of the biggest and best sporting events to bet on, so you don't have to. Put this in your calendar and make sure you have a bankroll on hand!

NFL Playoffs

Proof that football is never too much, the playoffs begin after 17 weeks of the regular season. Six teams from the American Football Conference (AFC) and six from the National Football Conference (NFC) qualify for the postseason playoffs. The winner of each division is guaranteed a playoff spot and two wildcard spots. These teams are battling to get into the Super Bowl.

Whether or not your team makes the postseason playoffs, there's still plenty to bet on. A little different from your regular season, the Knockout Tournament is fast and furious and makes for some interesting bets!

Super Bowl Sunday

Obviously, the playoffs are just a taste of the Super Bowl. This single event brings in over $138 million in wagers and that's just the figure in Nevada sports betting. Illegal betting (or in friendly office pools) adds around £3.8bn.

Betting on the Super Bowl always attracts many recreational gamblers with its array of betting props, which can range from standard bets on the coin toss or the first offensive play of the game, to downright peculiar ones like the color of the liquid that will be tossed. on the coach winning or the words that a broadcaster will say.

March Madness

If you prefer court to field, the biggest basketball event is at the top of your betting list.

March Madness is a knockout tournament for men's NCAA Division 1 schools. 68 teams compete over seven rounds with the sole objective of winning the national championship.

The World Series

With 2,430 games played during the regular season, Major League Baseball (MLB) is a sports bettor's dream. Without a doubt, the ultimate baseball betting event is the World Series. This annual championship is decided by a best-of-seven playoff held each fall.

Choose from some of the most popular baseball bets, including running line bets, money lines on every series winner, and a variety of propositions.

The Summer Olympics

The summer season can be a little quiet in Las Vegas sports betting as regular season baseball or preseason football are really your only options. What does a dedicated sports bettor have to do to fill those long summer days? How about placing a patriotic bet on American athletes to take home the gold?

Since some sports are quite obscure, bettors are likely to know more about them than bookies, meaning you have a sporting chance of a big win.

Put the Dates in your Calendar

By following our list, you have a whole year of sports betting ahead of you. To make the most of it, make sure your gaming budget is up to the task. Check out our guide to managing your sports betting bankroll and make sure you stay in the game!

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