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Football and basketball are perhaps the most popular sports for American gamblers, but they can get a bit boring for the dedicated sports player. What are your other options? If you're looking for a new sport to sink your teeth into, we bring you a list of the best untapped niche sports markets.

Read on to find out which sports give you an edge over sports betting (and great potential to win big money)!

Why Bet on Niche Sports?

Oddsmakers may be good at what they do, but they may not be experts at every sport. Use this to your advantage! The more obscure the sport, the more likely you are to know more than sports betting.

These companies naturally focus on mainstream sports, as this is where most betting comes from casual and professional bettors. By becoming an expert in less popular sports, bettors can stay ahead of the sport


For traditional sports enthusiasts, it may still seem a little strange to bet on people sitting in front of a television screen playing video games. Dubbed “the new college football,” eSports is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity and seems unstoppable.

Online sportsbooks have started offering odds on esports events and tournaments just like they would for the Super Bowl or March Madness. You can bet on a tournament winner or the first to get 10 kills (in games like Call of Duty).


You might not think of boxing as a niche market when there is so much hype around high profile matches. However, there are far more options than big pay-per-view blockbusters.

As well as betting on match outcomes, you can also bet on which round you think the match will end, the total number of rounds, plus the option to reverse grouped rounds (for example a win between rounds one and five).


If you consider yourself a bit of an adrenaline junkie, motorsports betting will surely satisfy you! It is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the country, with an estimated annual audience of more than 15 million people at every motorsport event in the United States.

Choose from the big three: Formula 1, NASCAR or MotoGP. Each has multiple tournaments with plenty of exciting betting opportunities.

Ice Hockey

It may not have the same prominence as soccer, but with its often-tough play and fast-paced action on the ice, hockey has a large following. The sport has been called the "fastest game in the world" with pucks flying through the air at speeds over 100mph. You can bet on a number of leagues, but the most popular are the World Championships, the American Hockey League (AHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL). Even college teams offer great bets.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship has grown in popularity with a series of high profile matches and the UFC for women. However, in terms of gambling, it is still considered a niche sport.

Once considered "human cockfighting," boxing has come a long way. Its legitimacy offers more, less barbaric rules that make it acceptable in the mainstream world of sports and sports betting.

However, oddsmakers have not yet caught up with the popularity of the UFC and are relatively new to handicapping the sport. This means you can find great opportunities that give you an edge.

This sport offers many more ways to win or lose than, for example, boxing. Bet on different scenarios, such as a technical knockout or submission. You can also bet on how those scenarios play out, from a bare back choke or a joint lock.

Become a Niche Sports Betting Expert

By focusing on more obscure sports that industry oddsmakers don't have the time to cover, you can get some excellent odds. Don't be afraid to bet on sports that don't have a massive following or place bets against the crowd. Go your own way and bet smart!

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