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Two New Teams to Join IPL, Auction Starts in May

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Indian Premier League

From eight to ten teams in Indian Premier league as BCCI has already announce that 2 teams will be added to the Indian Premier League 2022 as the BCCI decided in the month of May to auction two new teams around the last stage of the upcoming edition. The question for many is that what will be the base offer of the new Indian Premier League teams and they said that there has been nothing clearly talked through about the base price but during BCCI AGM discussing the matter informally, Partnership of IPL teams the offer for the new IPL teams are likely to be released by April and the base price is likely to exceed 1500 Cr or most likely more. At start of the year the BCCI had a meeting on delivery of several policy decisions approved by the IPL governing Council, top brass along with secretary Jay Shah and president Sourav Ganguly.

In 2011 the Indian Premier League had ten teams The Pune warriors India and Kochu Tuskers Kerala were part of the competition. In the year 2011 The IPL season had 74 games that and it will be thrilling to see how IPL 2022 arranges scheduled. In the midst of two months to accomplish a complete season of the IPL It just takes a shade but with new teams coming in the length of the IPL season is set to increase. The BCCI comes up with a longer IPL and regardless it can guarantee the accessibility of foreign players for an long period are some of the things that are still unclear. Sources said that 2022 match would see the expansion of the league. Way back it used to be a 10 team League after Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers were brought on board .but in the very next season the KTT had to terminate because of their breach of BCCI’s terms and conditions.

The 10 teams will move forward from next year and auction and completion of the new teams will be on a dispatch by may this year. They also added that once the team will be finalise they can start their geared up work which takes considerable time.

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