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Updated: Dec 22, 2023


Advantage game is a term used in the casino world for someone looking to take advantage of a dealer or casino's weaknesses. Poor game protection procedures, dealer, laziness, and player awareness can all help change the odds of a game from a house advantage to a player advantage.

The following are ways that profitable play can be used to turn the odds in your favor. These are not scam methods. Cheating is against the law, and you will be arrested. These are methods of using and using the information provided to your advantage.

Counting Cards

Card counting is one of the most common forms of advantage play where the player uses the information provided and uses it to their advantage. The history of the cards during the game is the information provided and the adjustment of the bets based on this information is what the player benefits from.

Card counting was explained in a previous post and is relatively easy to learn. The basic theory of card counting is that when the cards come out, you keep track of how many low cards (2-6), the ones that help you when used are exhausted, how many high cards (10 - A), hurting your chances when they are used and how many center cards (7-9), which have no real effect on the bets.

Hole Carding

Hole Carding is when the dealer exposes the cards at the bottom of a deck of cards or single cards as they come out of the shuffler or shoe. Hole-carding is available on most poker-based table games and can really turn the odds in the player's favor on Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Heads Up Holdem, Crazy4Poker and a few others.

If the dealer reveals their lowest card on each spin, the house advantage on the Ante / Play bet ranges from 3.4% in favor of the house to 3.5% in favor of the player. Knowing the whole map drastically changes the optimal base game. Normally, without any knowledge of the cards, Q64 or higher should be played and Q63 or lower should be folded. If you see the hole card is a 2-J, the game bet should still be made. If the hole card is a Q, then Q92 or higher must be played. If the hole card is a K, then K92 or better must be played. And if the hole card is an ace, A92 or better must be played.

It's a pretty easy strategy to learn, and if the hole card is exposed by a particular dealer each hand, you'll have a 3.5% advantage during that time.

Edge Sorting

Edge sorting is a bit more controversial than perforated carding because you're not just using the information that's given to you. Edge sorting, you actually take advantage of a flaw in card production and rotate the cards you handle depending on whether or not they benefit.

Many casino card companies produce cards whose backs are not perfectly symmetrical. As you can see in the example below, the bottom of the pictured card shows a full circle in the design before it hits the edge. Above you can only see a semicircle.


As you can see, there are some nice advantages that can be gained by using advantage playing techniques. Most of these opportunities arise when the casino does not follow their own game protection rules. It is very easy for a casino to avoid these situations, but laziness and a lack of pride in their work are common in the casino environment and make these situations go unnoticed and taken advantage of.

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