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The internet is no longer new; everyone uses the web in one way or another. Some of the biggest social media platforms have been losing popularity lately, but people's need to interact on the internet won't change. One thing that has become increasingly popular is social gaming, which brings people together across apps and websites, making them challenge each other.

The segment that is currently exploding in social gaming is that of social casinos, where players can play classic casino games without wagering any money. In this article we will tell you more about the phenomenon and the possible reasons why people are interested in playing casino games without the possibility and risk of winning or losing anything.

What is a social casino?

For starter, a social casino offers traditional games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. It may also offer video slots, bingo, and other types of games typically associated with gambling. The big difference with an online casino is that there is no money involved; Players win and lose fake money created in-game. Think of it like playing Monopoly; You don't expect your friends to pay real money when they land on a street you just bought.

Games at social casinos are free and players do not win any money to deposit into their bank accounts. The main reason it attracts gamers is the social element that allows you to compete with your friends, family, elementary school teacher or new friends online. Many social casinos have high score tables that motivate people to play to get their name to the top of the list.

Can I play non-stop in social casinos?

Most social casinos give the player a play amount of money or spins to play with. Once the rounds or money are finished, you will not be able to play until your balance is reloaded or you have purchased credits.

When can I play again after using all my social casino credits?

Players get a number of rounds or an amount over a certain amount of time. You usually get new credits every day, but some casinos give players more spins every hour, while in other casinos you have to wait a week for a top-up.

Can I save playing time in social casinos once my rounds are over?

Yes, you can usually pay money in exchange for play money or a certain number of spins. The course is usually not a flat rate, which means it is more economical to buy a larger amount of money or rounds as it costs less per round. Although you pay money to play, it is not considered gambling because there is no real money, and you cannot win real money.

What are the advantages of social casinos?

The biggest advantage is that you don't risk any money. The most obvious drawback is, of course, that you can't even win money. Another great advantage is that you can play against friends and make the game a social experience.

Where can I find social casinos?

Social casino games can be integrated into social media platforms or standalone such as websites or applications. Pokerist is a popular poker game site. It has thousands of members logged in at all times of the day, and the site is available in English, Russian, Italian, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. You must register to play by creating an account or using your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

If slots are your thing, Slotomania is a great place to visit. The site offers hundreds of slot machines to play for free, and they give you 1 million coins as a welcome bonus when you sign up. Slotomania also has a guide on how to play slots for new players.

Players hoping to find a fun bingo game need not worry either. Bingo Blitz has a free game with a blue cat and a pink bunny guiding you through it. Registration is required before you can start ticking numbers on the card.

These are just a few examples of the huge number of social casino games. Try them out, invite your friends and make the game a true social experience.

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