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Barcelona will face Juventus on June 6 in the UEFA Champions League Final of this year. Barcelona hasn't competed for the top club football prize in Europe in four years. Juventus hasn't been to the final since 2003, and if they win, it will be the team's first Champions League Final triumph since 1996.

Since then, the Champions League's commercial returns have multiplied. Due to the tournament's expansion, the final is now regarded by some as the biggest annual sporting event in the world and by others as the richest.

Prize Money

However, Barcelona and Juventus are already aware of the potential windfall. This year's prize structure is as follows:

Accordingly, Barca has already earned €38 million in prize money in advance of this year's championship game. This amount will increase to €53m if Berlin is won. Juve, on the other hand, has already received €35,5 million in prize money. If team captain Gianluigi Buffon wins the championship on Saturday, that amount could increase to €50,5 million.

Market Huddle

The benefit won't stop there for either club, though. At the conclusion of each Champions League season, UEFA distributes to clubs a series of "market pool" payments based on the size of the TV market in the nation from which each team hails. This is what it meant for each of the Champions League champions over the past three years:

Sales of Shirts

Success in the Champions League also opens up a variety of other opportunities for making money. For instance, a team can use success to increase corporate hospitality sales, increase merchandise sales, charge higher rates for sponsorship, and increase revenue from merchandise sales.

It is challenging to directly link a rise in sales to a particular game's win, say, in the case of t-shirt sales. The impact that a Champions League final victory might have, however, can be seen in the following. According to estimates, clubs worldwide sell an average of the following shirts each year among recent winners:

Therefore, we can be confident that the Champions League will continue to be a thriving tournament at the center of an expanding micro-economy that looks set to continue prospering for years to come, regardless of who hoists the trophy in Berlin.

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