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Ask any online casino enthusiast what their biggest complaint is when it comes to online gambling and the answer is most likely the wagering requirements associated with almost any casino bonus. We've all been there; you use your bonus money to place a bet on your favorite slot game, hit a winning reel and then realize that to get your winnings you must actually use them to place more bets and then risk everything to lose. That is why we are so excited to see a new generation of betting free casinos hit the online casino market.

Casino bosses are finally starting to realize that players would prefer a smaller bonus with no wagering requirements rather than a huge bonus with impossible requirements. Before we get too excited, we need to warn you that these casinos are still in the minority and not necessarily easy to find.

Wagering Requirements Explanation

Before we delve into what a really good no-bet casino is, let's take a look at the wagering requirements and why you might want to avoid them. Most online casinos offer an extremely generous welcome bonus to new players as it helps the casino stand out from the competition. There are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from, so any noteworthy online casino will do everything they can to entice players to their site. The best way to do this is to offer something for nothing, or so it seems. A generous welcome bonus is almost always accompanied by high wagering requirements.

Online casinos use wagering requirements to protect themselves from unscrupulous players who might simply claim their bonus and withdraw it from their account without actually spending any money at the casino. While it's completely understandable that a casino should make sure it doesn't come out of their own pocket, in many cases the wagering requirements negate the bonus entirely.

A big match deposit bonus can look extremely attractive as players see it as doubling their money and are therefore likely to make a huge first deposit to get the most out of the bonus. In reality, they are not doing a good deal at all and risk losing both the deposit and the bonus.

No Turnover Bonuses

Casinos with no wagering requirements offer players smaller bonuses, but they have the potential to generate real money winnings that players can happily withdraw and spend. In most cases, a betting free casino will offer some free spins as a welcome bonus. Sometimes these spins can only be used for specific slot games and sometimes they can be used for any game you like. If you are lucky enough to get a winning reel, your winnings will go straight to your account, ready to be withdrawn at will.

Free spins may seem like a paltry bonus compared to the bells and whistles of a fat game deposit bonus, but we think free spins are an extremely underrated bonus. Free spins not only give you the chance to win something for free, but also give you the chance to learn all the ins and outs of the slot game so that when you start depositing real money you are already an expert on the game.

Tick the Boxes

A good no wagering casino will offer all of the above no wagering bonuses. But there is more to a good casino than its bonuses. As previously mentioned, a good review site will help you separate the wheat from the chaff, but you shouldn’t go in blind. The most important thing to look for is whether or not a casino is licensed and regulated, but it’s also extremely important to check out the casino’s games library. There’s no point jumping at a generous no wagering bonus if there aren’t any decent games to use it on. Check if the casino offers games from reputable software providers.

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