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Updated: Sep 7, 2022



Live your life wild and free in Wolf Moon, an exciting free slot game that lets you roam an ancient Indian reservation amidst amazing artifacts and a pack of feral wolves. Thanks to game developer Amatic, you don't even have to pack your bag and boots to experience America's forgotten open wilderness. Try it from the comfort of your home and even on your mobile and tablet devices!

Adventure Time

Whether you're a high roller and a risk taker, or totally new to the world of free online slots, Wolf Moon has a level for you. Highly customizable game features mean you can customize your game to suit your own comfort level, experience and personal budget.There is a wide range of line and bet line combinations for players to choose from. Whether you're lucky or hesitant, you can still join the adventure!

In the eerie light of the full moon, the wild and expansive backdrop of lush fir trees and distant mountains transports you to a forgotten time and place. Leave all the hustle and bustle of modern life behind and come back refreshed later with bonuses and payouts!

Howlingly Good Awards

No wonder the wolves howl with joy. You have seen the payouts offered by Wolf Moon.Grab your binoculars and hiking boots and follow in the footsteps of the elusive gray and white wolves. These awesome creatures can reward you with a whopping 10,000 coins when they form a winning combo! There are other profitable benefits as well.

Some believe the mysterious numbers and letters are powerful ancient symbols and can mean up to 3,750 coins to the lucky player who discovers them. Antiquities lovers will also be delighted by the mesmerizing totems on the reels, which can generate up to 6,250 coins for the player.Once believed to ward off evil spirits, these symbols now bring luck and fortune to slots players!

The Wolf Pack

Many people know that wolves hunt in packs, and in Wolf Moon they often hang out together. Stacked wolves on the reels can mean multiple paylines for the player, and a wild full moon will make them all howl and substitute for all other symbols on the reels for maximum chances of a big payout. Let the next full moon bring you prizes and payouts you never dreamed of!

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