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The eagerly anticipated Women's IPL will begin in March, and the media rights tender will be unveiled on Monday in Mumbai.

The new faces of Indian sport are Harmanpreet Kaur and Smriti Mandhana. They are featured on the most recent covers of Elle and Vogue. Their on-field prize money will soar in another month once the Women's IPL player salaries are finalized. Perhaps you're curious about the extent. You may be equally interested in learning who will own the teams in the Women's T20 league, as it is most likely to be called. Also, the time and location of the matches. You might not be too interested to learn who will broadcast these games; it stands to reason.

The broadcasters, however, are the ones who provide funding for important competitions, as any study of the economics of sport will inform you. As is customary, BCCI goes to the market first to look for media rights holders (2023–27). The franchise ownership tender will come next, then the player auction, after closed bidding is used to select broadcast partners after scrutiny in Mumbai on Monday.

According to IPL Chairman Arun Dhumal, "Interest to both the tenders - media rights as well as franchise ownership - has been phenomenal.". "Almost all of the current franchises, the majority of broadcasters, and a few others have picked up the tender document. We are confident in a fantastic response. ".

Halfing that amount, or $100 crore annually, would be a more reasonable expectation. Even more circumspect market projections exist. "At this time, 1-2 crore per match would be a fair price. One participant in the market who isn't going to bid stated that this is the only recovery the market can provide. "Women's cricket will increase. But since it needs a lot of nurturing, it will take much longer for it to become a popular sport. ".

"Even 15 years ago, IPL wasn't such a risky property. The idea was novel, but cricket was already a religion with a devoted following, according to N Santosh, a valuation analyst for DandP Advisory. "However, not all cricket fans follow the women's game. Women's IPL is significantly riskier from that standpoint, even though things are changing. ".

The argument against it is that spending some money to attract new fans would be a wise business move for broadcasters willing to invest significant sums of money in high-profile men's cricket events (9,678 crore for IPL and over 6,000 crores for ICC events annually).

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