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Updated: Dec 22, 2023


Progressive slot machines were introduced to the gaming market in 1986 by the American slot machine manufacturer International Gaming Technology (IGT). Until then, the payout for a slot machine would have been limited to the amount set by the casino.

The progressive angle allowed the total available jackpot to increase with each player's bet, minus the amount taken by the casino to maintain the house edge.

But because the original progressive slots were still limited to one machine at a time, the payouts remained modest compared to what they would have become.

The following is a list of the best progressive slot machines in the world today.

Mega Dollars

First on the list is Megabucks from IGT Interactive. Megabucks, the first large progressive machine available, is still in widespread use. The Megabucks is a one-dollar slot that requires $3 bets to qualify for the maximum jackpot. The base jackpot amount is $10 million, and once the progressive payout is made, the machine resets to base.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

Fans of the popular game show will feel right at home at Wheel of Fortune. On top of the machine is the iconic "wheel" that spins with each button press, accompanied by the game's theme music.

Produced by IGT, Wheel of Fortune games come with 25c, $1, and $5 bet level options. The quarter of the wheel of fortune requires 3 coins, or 75 cent bets, to qualify for jackpot shots. After a hit, the jackpot level resets to $ 200,000. Of the Wheel of Fortune variants, the 25c version pays out the smallest but most often, averaging at least one jackpot per month in recent years.

Saturday Night Live Slots

Bally Gaming's Saturday Night Live is one of Bally's most popular slots, primarily due to variations between game versions and the potential for big bonuses and linked progressive jackpots. Typically, the jackpot on individual machines starts at $10,000 and continues. However, some machines are connected to local or wide area networks, which greatly increases the payment potential.

Millionaires 777

Millionaire 777s have a reputation for offering more frequent payouts, with the potential to win $ 1 million for every 107 spins. The base jackpot is $ 1 million and is returned after the success of the jackpot. The most recent jackpot came on April 8, 2015, at the California Hotel and Casino, for $ 1,168,555.17.


Power-bucks is a sprawling linked progressive slot game connecting Nevada slots with South Dakota and New Jersey slots.

To date, the last Power-bucks jackpot was hit on June 2, 2015, at the Orleans Hotel and Casino for just over $1.35 million.

Neighborhood Madness

Quartermania is a progressive slot game that is connected in a large system with casinos in Nevada and New Jersey. It can be found in a few dozen casinos in and around Las Vegas. Quartermania is a game that can be played more frequently due to the lower stakes required but can still offer a huge payout.


Wide area progressive slots have a reputation for offering life changing payouts and typically exceed $1 million. For this reason, the area around linked progressive machines is usually one of the busiest in a casino, electric with the lights and bells ringing and the anticipation of extravagant wins. If you decide to play a progressive slot, you will notice that the winning potential increases with big, bright numbers on the front. This adds to the excitement of progressive slot machines.

Wide area progressive slots offer the responsible player another new thrill in their casino game. As always, budget in addition to a reasonable and affordable bankroll, keep an eye on the time spent and you can spend an hour or so entertaining, always a bet from making game history and coming home really rich.

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